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From Palm Bay a to Titusville, Eraticators has been your #1 company for Brevard county Animal Removal. Over the years, the business has been expanding based on the customers needs. With our 3 Step process, we remove all types of critters.  We remove batsrats, opossum, raccoons, squirrels and more from your attic or building.

Our three step process is simple and effective.

  1.  First, we determine which type of animal is the problem, where in your home they are living, and identify their entry points.Click here for more info

Rats in the attic

Squirrels in the attic

Raccoons in the attic

Bats in the attic

Mice in the attic

Pigeons in the attic

Opossums in the attic

Seal up Repairs

Attic Restoration

Soffit and Fascia Repair

2.   Next, we seal up all the entry points, and remove the animals.  For certain animals, we will leave them a “one way” exit and seal that area once they leave.  Other times, it is necessary to seal the entire building and trap the animals inside the attic.

3.  The last step is to rid your building of any evidence of animal infestation, as this can be harmful to your health.  This can be as minor as a spot clean up or sanitation, or a full restoration of your attic space or living area.Click here for more info

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Common Nuisance Animals

 Rat control

We are “Brevard Counties Rat Removal Professionals” and  our name says it all ‘Eraticators‘! Whether it’s rats in your attic, rats in your walls or outdoor rat control, we got you covered. If you are hearing scratching noises in the attic and walls at night or seeing food in your pantry chewed or rummaged through, its probably roof rats.

 Raccoon control

Raccoon removal can be tricky because most of the time the raccoon in your attic tends to be a female that has babies. Usually they are hidden somewhere in your attic and the area is probably inaccessible to a person. Luckily for our customers, we have effective techniques to get them out safely. 

Squirrel control

When we service homes in Brevard County most of the time when a customer hears noises in the attic it is going to be rats, but sometimes they are squirrels running around in your attic wreaking havoc . If that is the case, we can humanely remove the squirrel or squirrels and keep them out permanently.  



Mouse control

Mouse removal is actually not a common service that we provide in Brevard County. Most people see a small rat and think it is a mouse because of the size but more often it is a juvenile rat running around. For those rare exceptions we provide effective mouse removal techniques.

Bat control

In Brevard County we have noticed a high number of bat calls specifically in Palm Bay, Melbourne, Rockledge and Suntree. If you hear squeaking sounds above your head ,smell a strong odor or see droppings all over your sidewalk or driveway its probably bats roosting in your soffitt.

Opossum Control

A opossum usually enters a home for the same reasons a raccoon does, to put her babies in your attic! But don’t worry, we can get these nuisance animals out of your home pretty quick by using our humane trapping techniques.

Pigeon control

Pigeons are the most common roosting bird we deal with, especially on the roofs of condos along the Space Coast and occasionally in the attics of the homes. We provide services such as applying bird spikes, bird netting, and bird deterrents.

 Wildlife removal we do not provide

Sorry but we do not provide wildlife removal such as hogs, gators, poisonous snakes and bobcats but we can lead you in the right direction. As you can see by the name of our company we specialize in attic animal removal which involves a lot of home repairs and different types of trapping techniques for smaller animals.